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Below are some of the feedbacks received from the user of the 1to1 Meeting Scheduler. We thank them for the honest guidance given to us, which inspire us to better product offering for them and many other prospect clients.

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"Worldwide 3PL Network: 1st Annual Conference" during Sep 2013.

After using it for many times we find it very easy and useful. We shall be keep on using it if scheduler keeps on optimizing to make it more beautiful. However, it is serving the need. Thanks!!

Tariq Faizan Sabri

IT Administrator

"2013 9th AGM Kaula Lumpur Malaysia" during Oct 2013.

Been an excellant meeting once again!

Richard Littlefield

Managing Director

"CTN AGM 2013 Vietnam" during Oct 2013.

It was a great experience as usual

Lynn Sessa

Network Manager