• Easy to schedule meetings
  • Duplicate meetings not allowed
  • Easy customisation
  • Multi-ways to import companies
  • Innovative table allocation
  • Exchange company profile
  • Provision for workshop
  • Allows meetings at Booth
  • Real time E-mail notification
  • Variable meeting time slots
  • Advertise event sponsors
  • Identify and follow-up inactive delegates
  • Simple reporting system
  • Exclusive branding
  • Easy to close scheduler for meetings

Easy to schedule meetings:

Scheduling meetings with 1to1 scheduler is as easy as 1-2-3. Event Delegates can schedule and manage their meetings on the single screen. Meetings can be scheduled in two ways:

1) Select company and schedule meetings (as shown by tooltip 1.1 & 1.2 in the below screenshot).

2) Search company and schedule meetings (as shown by tooltip 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4 in the below screenshot).

Duplicate meetings not allowed:

Meeting with same company on two or more than two time slots is not allowed by default. However, we can customize this behavior depending on event organizer’s requirement.

Easy customisation :

We can customize the e-mail messages, alert messages and even existing features of the One2One Meeting Scheduler software as per your requirement. However, the addition of new feature in the scheduler is also possible as per your requirement, but may cost extra.

Multi-ways to import companies:

Innovative table allocation:

We have improvised our powerful table allocation algorithms further in the version 4.0 of the software. Now, you have 3 algorithms to choose from:

a) Allocate table to meetings:Table number will be assigned to meetings and not to companies / participants, so maximum number of tables required will be [(total number of participants) / 2], during any given time slot.

b) Allocate table to all companies: Each company / participant will get the "Fixed table numbers". So each company / participant knows their table number in advance.
Further, Event organizers can divide event delegates into 2 or more than 2 group types and can set those group type’s priorities. Higher the priority lesser the possibility that company / participant belonging to that group has to leave their assigned table.

c) Allocate table to selected member type(s): Fixed table number can be assigned to selected group type(s) and companies under un-selected group type(s) will remain floating, i.e. no fixed table number is assigned to them.

Event organizers can also set selected group type priorities

Exchange company profile:

Company Logo, Company Services, Participant Photo & Participant Details are some of the information which each participant can manage under "My Profile" section of One2One Meeting Scheduler. You can always read other participating companies profile, before organizing the meeting with them.

Provision for workshop:

One2One scheduler can handle the event that has choice of either attend the "Workshop / Seminar / Presentation" OR "One2One Meetings" at overlapping timings.

Allows meetings at booth:

For the reasons like participant(s) from a company has to look after both "Booth" and "One2One meetings" at same time, they might want to conduct meetings at their own booth and our system allows it.

Real time E-mail notification:

Participants involved in the meeting scheduled or canceled will recieve the e-mail notification immediately.

Variable meeting time slots:

As an event organizer you have choice to set up variable "Meeting duration" like 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes etc. This enables you to make full use of timings available for one2one meetings as per the event agenda.

Advertise event sponsors:

One2One Scheduler allows to upload the logo of "Event Sponsors" which will be visible to all the participants / companies making use of the scheduler to setup meetings for that particular event.

Identify and follow-up inactive delegates:

Simple reporting system:

From here you can download meeting reports of all the companies as one PDF file or can also download meeting report of each company / delegate individually. Besides this you can download the company list in Excel format and also the list of companies who has neither invited nor blocked any meeting time slots.Over here you can also see % of possible meetings that are already booked and highest table number utilized along with “Summary of Meeting” which will show meeting summary of each delegate.

Exclusive branding:

By default we rent out One2One (1to1) Meeting Scheduler software co-branded with 1to1 logo always visible on top. If needed we can exclusively brand the 1to1 software for event organizers, i.e. we will remove 1to1 logo and will not mention it on the footer also.

Easy to close scheduler for meetings:

You can either immediately close the scheduler or specify the date and time at which you would like to close the scheduler for meeting automatically. This means that delegates will not be able to schedule meetings any more, they can however still log-in and download their meeting reports.