Boost Your Event

We offer event websites, apps, promotion, support, and management tools, ensuring that your event will grab more attention digitally and provide excellent User experience (UX).


Lots of effort and meticulous planning are required for any business event to be flawless and memorable for its attendees. The team at has developed an event platform or software tools and has extensive experience administering the conferences.

We do offer the below-mentioned software tools and services:


Hire a dedicated and monitored event administrator responsible for planning, communication, and digital information management.

Event App

It is a must-have for your next event as it reduces the need to print, allows quick access to recent event information, increases interaction, and provides monetization areas.


We cater to your needs regarding post-event activities like optimizing and uploading photos and videos to post-event galleries, designing and collecting surveys, and a thank-you e-mail to all the attendees, etc.

Registration Form

The Registration Form provides the areas to collect personal and contact information of the attendees, the necessary attendance information to the event and allows you to collect registration fees. We ensure straightforward, accurate, and lossless data collection. Plus system will automatically send e-mail notifications to both the delegate and event organizer on every successful registration.

Event Website

An event needs a website, which prospects can refer for the event information, register as a delegate, get the latest event updates, and remain in touch with the event administrator. All the traffic generated by promotions will be redirected to the website; thus, an event website must have mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and recent content.

Digital Promotion

Whether your event is only for the network members or opens to the public, in any case, you will need event promotion services to increase network members and the number of delegates attending the event. An experienced and knowledgeable team of digital marketers at One2One are ready to create a successful buzz for your upcoming event.

Event Management System (EMS)

A Platform that makes it easy for the administrators to track delegate information and various status like payment, hotel booking, travel schedule, etc. It also provides the mechanism to broadcast messages to all or specific groups or individuals.