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Digitize The Event

Pre-Event Services

Event Website

An attractive, user-friendly, and responsive Website for upcoming Event or Conference is must in today's digital age.
Our experts will help you to develop a website with appropriate content that is both user and search engine friendly. Besides being informative, we can also add registration form, integration with payment gateway, photo & video galleries, news, and more as part of your event website.

Browse few sample event websites developed by us:

Event Apps

We provide our customers with standard event apps, which have engaging User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) as well as the below-mentioned features:

  • Your brand app
  • Push notifications
  • Delegates List
  • Event Information
  • Informational Tab as per your event requirement
  • One2One Meeting Schedules (Optional)
Event Registration

Already have an event website, but do not have event registration form, we can provide only "Event Registration" for your upcoming event to integrate with your existing event website. Conveniently capture all the information and content you required from event delegates with a customized event registration form and features as below:

  • Personalized Registration form
  • Manage Travel Information
  • Manage Sponsorships
  • Onsite Registrations and more.
Event Management System

Manage not only information received from the custom event registration form, but you can also send an invoice, payment reminders, Hotel booking forms, Hotel reservation reminders, and more.

With our Event Management System, you can also Plan pickup / drop off to all the delegates. Track Payment Status, Hotel Bookings, and more.
Event Promotion Services

Whether your event is only for the network members or opens to the public, in any case, you will need event promotion services to increase network members and the number of delegates attending the event.

Our team of digital marketers will design attractive EDMs, i.e., Electronic Direct Mail for marketing campaigns and also update the organizer with campaign statistics like opens, clicks, registrations, and more. Besides, EDMs we also take care of promotion of event using Social Media.

During-Event Services

Push notifications:
How to inform last-minute changes to all the delegates attending the event? If they have event app, you can tell them through Push Notifications.

Onsite Registrations:
Walk-in delegates can register.

Badge Scanning & Attendance:
Keep track of attendance for various events through Badge Scanning; this will help to analyze what is popular and what is not.

Post Event Services

We cater to your needs regarding the designing of the post-event template that can show the sharing of photo gallery link, surveys concerning your event, and event statistics compilation.

These templates can be modified according to your proceedings your event necessity, and you will need to add any related information that is relevant to your event's analysis.