Enhance Business Networking

One2One Meeting Scheduler has become a proven tool for event organizers who wish to enhance business networking. Meetings can be pre-scheduled ahead of time to enable event delegate to efficiently network and grow their business.

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Choose The Best-Fit Meeting Type For Your Event

  • Virtual Meetings

    High-quality One2One Meetings are the best solution, whenever delegates want to attend an event from their preferred location.

  • In-person Meetings

    One2One supports this since its inception; delegates will assemble at one location and meet Face to Face.

  • Hybrid Meetings

    This format combines in-person and virtual meetings so delegates can attend meetings via video calls while attending in-person events.

Bulk import companies and delegates information.

Once the meeting time is over, the video call will disconnect automatically. (Virtual)

Allocate meeting locations in various ways.

Access all attendees profiles and screen them.

Identify and follow-up inactive delegates.

An intuitive video call interface with the event logo that works directly on the browser itself. (Virtual)

Real-time e-mail notification.

Simple reporting system.

Easy to schedule meetings

Provision for workshop.

Duplicate meetings not allowed

Variable meeting time slots.

Advertise event sponsors.

Exclusive branding option.

Supports global timezone, thus enabling delegates to view the exact time of the meeting for themselves and the other representative. (Virtual)


We developed One2One Meeting Scheduler using our in-house technologies. Our team would be happy to talk about technology and implementation if you're interested in integrating your back office or third-party application with One2One Meeting Scheduler Software.

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